Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm still here!

Have no fear, I'm still here! Well, kind of. In the past month I've:
-Finally finished a sewing project! I was an owl for Halloween, which meant sewing lots and lots of felt "feathers" onto a sweatshirt. It looks pretty cool. Alice had to help.

-Made some interesting hand pies to take for lunch. They were filled with peas, onion, and ricotta cheese.

-Worked, a lot. Like, 12 days straight before having a real weekend. This included planning a project on the Snoqualmie River where we had 60 teens plant nearly 1,000 trees!
-Become very familiar with the dog park. Alice has a ton of energy and getting her to run around with other dogs is a surefire way to wear her out. On Thursday morning we were at the dog park for nearly 2 hours! One of Alice's latest tricks is to jump on command--she gets some really good height!

-Gotten back into yoga. I'm trying to go at least 3 days a week, though this Thanksgiving break has kind of thrown me off.
-Visited Seattle's Volunteer Park and the beautiful conservatory.