Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yo, where you at?

Though I don't have any amazing fantastic update for you today, no recipes, no photos, I do have updates!
On Monday I drove to San Diego--13 hours in the car, only stopping for gas. I may only be here for a week, or I may be here the whole summer. Currently, I'm hoping for a job in Arcata, so that would require a drive back up the coast.
As soon I as I drove in to San Diego I felt like I was home. Having been here for the past 3 summers, I do know my way around pretty well and had no trouble making it to my Aunt's house without referencing a map or gps. Go my team! The weather here is beautiful. I love the fragrance of the flowers that floats on the breeze, and the sound of songbirds that seems nonstop from the time the sun comes up until it disappears at night. I counted at least 9 different kinds of bird in the back yard this morning, two kinds of butterfly, and a lizard. We also had a resident chipmunk, but I saw him limp over the canyon rim yesterday evening, and I don't think he'll be returning.
There is no internet access at the house, so I've walked to a cafe on the corner of Park and Madison to have some tea and take care of my internet surfing for the night. On the way here I watched as a feral parrot flew a few circuits around the neighborhood, squawking the whole time. It's kind of funny, because I usually consider myself fond of peace and quiet, yet being in this bustling city soothes me and makes me happy.

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