Friday, June 3, 2011

Morning in the Garden

Today I finally finished working in the back garden bed. I'd planted impatiens last week, and today finished off the job by adding some dianthus and moving a few things to sunnier spots. When everyone was planted I put a good layer of bark down, giving it a great finished look.
The most incredible thing happened when I was watering everything in. As I stood holding the hose, a hummingbird flew up and took a shower! When it first flew toward me I thought it was coming over to take a look at the brightly colored flowers, until it hovered right above the water that was flowing from the hose nozzle. I did my best not to move, and stared in wonder as the little bird dipped down so that her feet and belly were hit by the water, then flew up to hover above the stream, before dipping down into the spray again. She did this a few times, dipping down so that the water hit the lower half of her body, before flying back up. It was definitely one of the coolest experiences I've had in a long time.

My morning of power gardening started out with a pretty good breakfast, too. Lately I've been making an egg in toast for breakfast, cooking it so that the yolk is hard, and smothering the whole thing with cottage cheese when I sit down to eat it. Today I was having a craving for caramelized onions, so spent some time concocting a caramelized onion and mushroom frittata.
It was really simple. I mixed up 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites and poured them in a small frying pan. When the eggs were just about set I put the caramelized onions, cooked mushrooms, and feta cheese on top. A few minutes of letting the egg finish cooking and melting the cheese, and I slid it on to my plate. My frittata, along with a cup full of fresh cherries and fresh pitcher of iced tea, made for a very nice breakfast.

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