Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spring is Coming

I'm still here, I've just become a bit neglectful. For some reason I'm still not in a good routine, though I think part of that is the fact that I've been sick all week. We had a big bonfire on the beach last Friday night, and since then nearly everyone seems to have come down with some version of a cold/flu, myself included.

I've finally gotten over the worst of it, and now I just have a terrible cough that will probably linger on for a week or more. In an attempt to keep some air moving in my lungs, and enjoy today's sunny weather, I went for a drive and found a new place to hike. It's called Azalea State Reserve. Not much is green or blooming yet, but I still found a few things worth photographing. Like the buds above, and the lichen below. I also found one of the most fantastic trees ever, and a couple of crazy bright red mushrooms. It seems weird to say spring is here when it's only February, but it sure seems like it already is!


  1. David and I are thinking of going backpacking the week after finals in Northern California....unless we can think of another low cost vacation. What area of Cali are you in?

    ~ Katie

  2. I want to see some pictures of the crazy red mushrooms. Rhonda