Friday, February 11, 2011

The Week In Review

Well, I've been doing my best to stay busy!

On Monday and Tuesday I made a focused effort to have material ready for when I met with my students in lab on Tuesday afternoon. I took a new approach and put together a slideshow with material that I thought was important from the last 3 lectures and gave them a quick refresher on it. From what I could see, that was well received, so I'll continue to do it in the future.

I'm trying to get involved with a horse rescue here in town and went to their monthly meeting on Tuesday evening. I'm still being screened--they have to check my references and train me--but the meeting provided some good insight into what they do. Spurred by the want to get working with horses again, on Thursday and Friday mornings I drove south of here to the fairgrounds in Ferndale to watch a horsemanship clinic. I spent a few hours watching each day and remembering what I used to do so I can get back in the swing of things! The first day was more interesting because the trainer was taking participants horses and working them individually in the round pen, talking about what issues were happening, and how he was communicating with the horse. Day 2 was a bit less exciting, because all the participants were working with their horses, so there wasn't a specific lesson to focus on. I actually became a bit frustrated because I could see people doing things incorrectly, but couldn't do anything about it!

You know what's funny? I've spent more time on the beach in Northern California in just the past month than I did in all three summers I lived in San Diego. On Wednesday the sun was shining and Michael's roommate, Frank, thought we needed to get out and enjoy it. I heartily agreed! So we drove north to Trinidad and poked around on one of its beaches.
It was a steep hike down to the beach on narrow wooden steps. It made me nervous going down, and wore me out going up!

The beach! 

We found this in the sand... I strongly asserted it was a creature (its name lies in the back of my mind, I just can't remember it!), and Frank was telling us it was a seed pod. The argument was only solved by breaking in open--it was a creature. Name still unknown! 
There was this great rock that was just begging the guys to climb it. Shortly after I took this picture of Frank at its apex I climbed up to the top myself! It was steep, and the footholds up and down not very wide, but what's life if you don't live on the edge every now and then!?

Also... the red mushroom photos from last week. They're not much, but at least you get the general idea.


  1. Never seen mushrooms like that...interesting. I am so jealous that you are able to go hiking on the beach in February!!

    ~ Katie

  2. Thanks for including pictures of the red mushrooms. They're gorgeous. I also loved the pictures of the chickens and the duck. You're so lucky to be living where it's relatively warm and spring-like. We have 6" of new snow on the ground. Rhonda