Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just Another Family Outing!

Yesterday my sister and I spent the day with our aunt, uncle, and cousins in Oakville. The purpose of the trip: to go shooting. Yep, that's how this crew has fun!

The drive south took a little longer than normal because of snow and pouring rain, and Alice started to complain about being in her kennel for so long. We made a quick stop at Millersylvania State Park to stretch our legs and cross another park off the list!
We went to an old rock quarry to shoot and set up clay pigeons to aim for. 
Yep, that's me, takin' aim with the .22!
And here with the M-1 garand. 

Gun totin' sisters!

For a short while we were blocked in by this train when it stopped on the tracks to make a switch somewhere up ahead. Just as we were getting worried about how we'd get out to our cars and go home it started on its way again.
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  1. That was a super fun day! So glad you all came down :) Nice blog entry :)