Saturday, March 26, 2011

Arcata Community Forest

Today, amid the threat of rain showers, Michael and I decided to go for a hike in the Arcata Community Forest. We had some crazy rain and hail earlier in the day, so I was a little leery about hiking around in the forest. Plus, we had a big storm roll in earlier in the week and it's been constantly raining, so everything is saturated. The gutter along the street outside of my apartment has some really thick algae growing in it, and seems to be constantly flowing with water.
 We had plenty of energy when we started out. And, what's that, matching dimples? 
 We did encounter mud in a few places, but nothing we couldn't get around easily. A lot of the trails are made of really compacted gravel, and we were even on what were marked on the map as roads. It definitely wasn't as muddy as I expected it to be.
About half way through we came across a picnic table and stopped for snacks. There were a couple of hummingbirds flitting around, which I found far more interesting than my sandwich.
Post-hike rosy cheeks! We did a total of 5 miles in 3 hours, but according to the GPS unit spent 1 hour stopped. 

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