Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Apples and Squash! Plus a chocolate cake!

On Saturday afternoon I made a journey up to Spokane to visit some friends. It was a very successful trip, but left me wanting to do absolutely none of the homework that was waiting for me when I returned to Pullman on Sunday. So instead I hit the kitchen again – hard. I borrowed a food dehydrator from some friends and set to making apple chips.
Then I decided to finally make use of the recipe for Apple Stuffed Acorn Squash picked up at the Moscow Farmers Market earlier this fall. I can’t do anything without onions, so I caramelized one and added it to the fuji apple stuffing that the recipe created. The stuffing was a mix of apples, onion, rehydrated apricot bits, cinnamon, and butter. I chopped my squash in half, which wasn’t the easiest job, and piled everything in. It took awhile to bake to the correct tenderness, but tasted oh so good!

I started by taking a small serving, but quickly demolished that and had to go back for more. The leftovers have provided me with lunch for the last two days, and they’re just as delicious! My only complaint is that I used fujis as the recipe called for, and really should have used golden delicious. The fujis didn’t get tender at all, even after over half an hour of baking, and I would’ve loved it if the apples had melted apart into the squash.
Then I got impatient and decided that I needed a dessert. I found this Cinnamon Chocolate Cupcake recipe last week and was hankering to make it, so started in on a batch. It filled the cupcake pan I had prepared, and made a five little loaves. I found the finished product to be pretty yummy, no frosting added. These too have been included in my lunches this week.

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  1. I made boring acorn squash tonight - just used coconut oil, salt and pepper...this looks super yummy!