Monday, November 22, 2010


Snow has come to the Puget Sound. I sped out of Pullman on Friday afternoon, trying to beat any bad weather -- and here it is at home! My drive home was about 60% clear and sunny, but starting just a little west of Ellensburg, it started snowing. The snow continued over the pass and most of the way down, before turning to rain near North Bend. As much as I disliked that weather, I think I made it over before things got worse.
The snow's been falling here all morning. My dad and I had plans to see a movie in Seattle, but those were quickly scrapped because the roads are an absolute mess. We've turned up the heat, and everyone's curled up in the living room for the day, dogs included.
This weather's given me some good chances to take pictures of our local hummingbirds, as they're sticking pretty close to the feeders. There's on that's taken up residence in the front yard, hanging out in the dogwood tree that is right outside of our livingroom window, and in a nearby rhodedendron. I also found one hiding out in the back yard when I went out to photograph the snowy rose. He was perched in another rhodie, guarding his feeder from anyone who might try to use it.

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