Saturday, July 23, 2011

Busy Summer Days

For a moment I thought I'd start this post with "Well, things have been pretty boring lately." Until I realized that was completely untrue. Things haven't been boring, I've just been busy, which leaves little time for cooking and other more noteworthy pursuits.
I've been working a lot--which is great. And every day something interesting happens. Like today when I encountered a guest along the bus road (which is supposed to be pedestrian-free) and asked him "Where did you come from?!" Bless his heart, because it took him less than a second to answer me--"Taiwan." Oh boy, sorry, rephrase! "How did you get to this pathway?" And then I just gave up and walked them to the entrance for the bus tour. 
Then there are the events where children run in front of this incredibly large bus. Earlier this week I had a tour bus full of people, and was cruising up the hill to the polar bears. As I went up the hill I could see a group of boys on the sidewalk to my right having a play sword fight. One of the boys suddenly dashed away from the group, straight into the road, about 10 feet in front of my bus. I was going slow, so he wasn't really in any danger of getting hit. But still, his friends saw this giant bus and yelled at him to get back on the sidewalk, and I'm pretty sure a lot of people on my tour saw him run into the road, because there was a collective gasp from somewhere (and I don't think it was me...).

Work is definitely exciting!
My Aunt Carol arrived in San Diego today for a visit, and my mom and sister will be here tomorrow, so we have a full house for the next week. This should be fun!

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