Monday, May 7, 2012


The part of Pullman that I live in is conveniently home to a number of city parks, and the city's formal garden. The land and funds for Lawson Gardens were donated to the city in 1985, and since then Pullman has done a great job of turning the site into a beautiful garden that makes for a nice place to visit on a sunny day. For a very reasonable rate you can also reserve the central lawn for weddings, something that seems to take place quite frequently.

After hearing from a neighbor that the tulips were plentiful at the garden, I decided to wander over one afternoon and check it out. I snapped some pretty good photos, and did it just in time, as the following two days we saw snow, torrential rain, and high winds--not so gentle to tulip blooms.

(those of you in the botanical know, please ignore that bulbs are not actually roots...)

And now, obligatory picture of Alice:

We just recently started an advanced obedience class, and on the first day Alice did a great job of showing everyone what an absolutely energetic, out of control dog looks like. She's so food motivated she loses her mind when there are really tasty treats around and it's all I can do to keep her energy level low. But energy is great! And no one can condemn a happy dog!

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